Super Kids Code: Green Bully Trouble! ... by Kurt Zimmerman

Even super heroes get bullied!

Bullies are everywhere. In Bully Trouble, Madyson and Jordyn Green fly half way around the world to confront one of the world's greatest bullies, only to have to deal with the same problem at their own school! The Super Kids use several different tactics to confront the problem, and team up with the U.S. Navy to teach one bully a lesson he will never forget!


When a fun loving girl comes up with excuses on why she doesn't want to go to school, an adventurous encounter with Grandpa and his flying machine takes off to a wonderful and well told adventure, geared for middle school or even younger children that have encountered bullying.

Super Kids Code: Green! Bully Trouble! by Kurt Zimmerman provides enough excitement to grab hold of and captivate even an adult's attention. Grandpa guides the two young girls through a tough situation, proving that even in real life "You can make an outstanding difference in somebody's life.."

An outstanding book to share with all children, whether you realize your child is being bullied or not...perfect length to keep you hooked until the end!

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