Making the most of your single life: Living with a purpose ... Amy Ekwegh


This is a little book with a big punch. In a few attention-grabbing chapters, Amy explores how one can appreciate and seize the moment to live a purposeful life as a single by covering the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Making the Most of Your Single Life should definitely grace the shelf of any single who wants to maximize every moment of their single life.


Don't be fooled by the title of Amy Ekwegh's book Making The Most Of Your Single Life: Living With A Purpose. This book is for everyone who desires a clean, wholesome, and satisfying walk with God.

Yes, this book only strengthens the resolve of healthy living for single people, whether it's your intention to marry or not. I love how Amy puts it ... "You are not half a person looking for another half to complete you. You are a whole person with full potentials and gifts inside you waiting to find expression."   What an amazing way to sum up the life you are living.  It opened my eyes up even as a married women, reminding me not to forget who I am in God.

The chapters reveal how everyday life relates with our walk with God. The way Ekwegh explains the real truth about beauty, cleanliness, and everyday activities makes you stop and think twice about the direction you are going in.

I found this to be a fabulous, contemporary read and a great comfort and encouragement to single people as well as those who just want to improve their "health" with God.

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Dinh said...

The author is spot on! We are not half waiting for our other half to be complete. That's romantic notion?

Glad you enjoyed the book. :)

Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

Brices Mice said...

I know, right?! It's a very refreshing book!