Christmastide at Bald Head Island ... By  Rose Allen McCauley, Loretta Gibbons, Jackie Layton, Jennifer Collins Johnson

Literature weaves its way through the hearts of the Jordan family women. Matriarch, Grace Jordan, has a particular affinity for William Shakespeare. Just as his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, spins a tale of the planning of one wedding but ends with three ceremonies, Grace and her two daughters, Rosalind and Miranda, discover rekindled love while planning Rosalind's daughter, Jane Anne's Christmas wedding. In a twist of fate, ceremony plans change. However, just like Elizabeth Bennett and Anne Shirley from Jane Austen and Lucy Montgomery's respective classic tales, all four Jordan women discover what—and who—will make them truly happy.


What a delightful chain of romantic stories, linked by four different authors who build upon each other's stories to complete a series of events. Christmastide at Bald Head Island fills you with the warmth of love and the hope that dependence and trust in God will deliver you through the ups and downs of life.

Each story has a main theme on the related characters, leaving the last story to pull it altogether. Although each story has a stand out moment, I must say I enjoyed the opening of Layered with Love (book two) since it gave me the satisfaction that Grace acted as a real mom would about a past love that "weaseled" his way back into her daughter's life!

Christmastide at Bald Head Island has it's surprises and emotional drive. Laced with bible verses, what a great book to snuggle up with to remind you that God does work in mysterious ways.

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