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Sailing Into Trouble (Danni Girl Mystery Book 2) ... By Debra Sue Brice

Danni is back in the routine of life after losing her best friend to a crazed murderer. Moving forward, Danni decides to celebrate life on a leisurely cruise around the city with family and friends. With Ryan and Chris both at her side, her feelings become torn between these two extremely good looking men. But all too soon murder strikes again and any hopes at having a romantic evening are dead in the water.

An excerpt from the book:

“Is he dead?” I asked, praying the poor guy was in a coma-like sleep. Ryan knelt down and leaned in, checking for any signs of life. It only took a few moments to confirm the obvious.
“I'm sorry, Danni,” he said as he rested back on his heels. This wasn't the first time Ryan and I faced a death together, but I was certainly hoping it would be the last. I shook my head in disbelief.
Ryan was the strong one, not afraid to take charge of a situation. He looked up at me and knew what had to be done.

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Dinh G said...

Thanks for sharing the free book on amazon.
Looks like a great murder mystery!