Trusting God through Cancer: A Collection of Cancer Survivor Stories of Faith and Hope ...By Ed Adams

After providentially meeting Kayla Hudson, a courageous young woman who has dealt with several cancer diagnoses, Ed Adams followed a nudge from God and collected stories of hope from cancer survivors—including Kayla—and their families. In each author’s unique voice, the stories detail the survivor’s diagnosis and treatment as well as the faith, love, and support that sustained him or her through the cancer journey. The survivors range from Izzie Pittman, diagnosed with leukemia at just eleven months old, to LeeAnn Lapum, who discovered she had breast cancer in her mid-fifties after nearly twenty years of dealing with MS. This book is relatable and encouraging for anyone who has dealt with cancer or is currently walking through this daunting disease as each story reminds readers that God is always with us.


Trusting God Through Cancer: A Collection of Cancer Survivor Stories of Faith and Hope by Ed Adams is a beautiful dedication of love to and by cancer survivors or their care givers. Loving stories that will grip your heart, bring you to tears and yet you will come away with knowing how God has touched so many lives.

What's important about this book is that first of all, these cancer patients want to share their stories, no matter what the outcome is or has been (since these are very current stories) and secondly, people who have never been exposed to the battles of cancer need to know how important it is to give loving support in a non-judgmental way. 

Caregivers share their feelings of "why wasn't it me" or feel guilt for one reason or another, but the common thread through these stories was the hope and faith they grew in God.

I did find a passage in one of the stories the really grabbed my heart..."My encouragement to people who have cancer is that it is not the end of the world, but rather, the beginning of a new life."

All share a favorite Bible passage, their struggles and sorrows, and yet they are the ones sharing their faith of love of God to us.

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