Eating on the Run ... By Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD

Work, social, and family commitments often make it difficult to fit tasty and healthy food choices into your diet. In Eating on the Run, Evelyn Tribole solves your dieting dilemma using her proven expertise concerning all foods, savory and sweet.
Divided into four parts for easy reference, Eating on the Run presents the latest and best information on the following issues:
-Smart food choices for you and your family
-Eating options for managing weight
-Strategies for speedy grocery shopping—including sample shopping lists
-Healthful eating away from home, whether at work, at a restaurant, in your car, or at the airport
-Nutritional values for common fast foods
-Eating and ordering ethnic cuisine
-Dietary decisions relative to hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease
-Diets and supplements, with advice on today's most popular programs, including liquid meal replacements and high-protein diets such as the Atkins and Zone diets
-Easy meal preparation, including recipes and tips
Evelyn Tribole is the nation's leading nutritionist for busy people who want to remain healthy and trim. A former nutritional adviser for “Good Morning America” and the American Dietetic Association, she's been a columnist for SHAPE and has written several books on nutrition. She also juggles work, family, and frequent speaking engagements—so she knows firsthand just how hectic life can get. Her experience and strategies will help you avoid flavorless, fast-fried choices and eat great while on the go.


I've had this book since the first edition. Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole is a SIMPLE guide to how to control your eating, as well as some helpful guidelines to why we can get out of control.

Why Diets often Fail for People on the Go
What About Convenience Diets or Liquid Diets?
The Life Span of a Diet
Changing What Triggers You to Eat
Vending Machine Roulette
Catering Trucks
Nutrition Foundation
...and much, much more!

It has the calorie count and information on Brand Name Frozen foods as well as our favorite Fast Food places.

Best part is the simple make ahead HEALTHY meals as well as a weeks worth of menus. This is an easy reference guide laid out in plain language.

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Dinh said...

This book seems to answer all the practical aspects of eating on the run.
I am guilty of picking up dinner because of rushing around with kids activities and not having time to cook.
I don't eat junk food (very rarely) and I know it's hard to make the right choices whilst trying to feed the family on the go.

I would be interested in learning about the good options I should be choosing.

Lonna said...

I make sure all the healthy snacks are visible so my sons choose them. I hide the candies! :D It's so easy to have bad habits. I like the advices offered in this book. Thanks!