Whiter Shall I Go? ... Gina Holder

In 1911, Eleanor Williams struggles to see God’s hand in her life, when she loses both parents and is sent to live with her wealthy, estranged aunt, who transforms her from awkward country bumpkin to socialite heiress. 6 years later, she meets a young preacher and finds hope as they serve the Lord together.

Ellie’s journey takes her from her home in Cades Cove, Tennessee to the concrete jungle of New York City and finally to the harsh unforgiving world of the Amazon River Basin, where she meets Paul, a doctor who’s lost his way and Jack, a soldier with amnesia. Encountering anacondas, jaguars, and an antagonistic Shaman, will Ellie give in to the fears that threaten to overwhelm her?
Or can she depend on God’s grace to bring about His will for her life?


July 1910, Manaus, Brazil ... "Where's our son?" will peek your interest from page one! Gina Holder author of Whither Shall I Go? introduces us in following chapters to several families that will tug at your emotions, while interweaving their direction of this romantic story.

Eleanor Grace Williams (aka Ellie) faces a devastating loss as a young girl, which leads her into a new and challenging life. While developing her faith in God she intersects with a bold young preacher that puts questions in her mind about her future. From this point on, family and questionable events happen that disrupt a growing bond between the two, as once again a blow to Ellie's new life has struck her heart and laid out plans.

Holder has cleverly woven the characters for us to wonder who can be trusted as the story moves from the easy life of civilization to the harsh depths of Brazil. Missionary work is not meant for everyone, and just who will survive this outcome after surprising secrets are revealed?

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Dinh said...

The plot is intriguing! I love that you get the contrast of comfy living and then life in the jungles of Brazil!
You're right, missionary work is not for everyone. I think you have to have faith!

Dinh@Arlene's Book Club